90 Day Transformation with Anna
YouTube Documentary

Welcome to the 90 Day Transformation with Anna!

Do you want to transform? Do you want to CHANGE?

I am selecting one lucky person to be in my YouTube documentary!

Let me help you as your PERSONAL COACH to become the best, healthiest and happiest version of yourself!

I WANT YOU for my NEW YOUTUBE DOCUMENTARY! A 90 Day Transformation, with me on your side, designed to help you feel better in your body, to gain confidence and to glow from the inside out!

The Transformation is going to be documented in VIDEO FORMAT from Day 1 till Day 90 and will be published on my Youtube Channel Anna Engelschall!

applications closed

Who Can Apply?

  • You must be based in Europe and fluent in English
  • You are available to commit fully for 90 days
  • You are comfortable sharing your journey through photos and videos

Participation Details:

  • You don’t need experience in social media, just a willingness to share your journey
  • No costs involved
  • Regular journaling, progress photos, and videos required
  • Basic fitness equipment needed: fitness mat, dumbbells
  • Special dietary needs? No problem!
  • You can still work and/or attend school

Important Consideration:

Your safety is very important to us. Ensure you have or obtain a doctor’s approval to participate in this lifestyle transformation, especially if you have any health concerns.


If you’re ready to begin on this life-changing journey and meet the criteria, I would love to hear from you. Apply now to be part of The 90 DAY Transformation Project.

Let’s GROW together!

Application Deadline: 07. April 2024

Video Submission Guidelines

As the final step of your application, we ask that you upload a personal video. This is your opportunity to let your personality shine and truly show us why you're the perfect fit for The 90 DAY Transformation with Anna Project. Here's what you need to know:

How to Record Your Video:

  • Use your phone or camera
  • Record in portrait or landscape format
  • Keep it short, 1 - maximum 3 minutes is enough

What to Include in Your Video:

1. Introduction: Start with your name, age, job and location. We want to know who you are and where you're from.

2. Your Motivation: Share why you want to be a part of the 90 Day Transformation Project. 

3. Personal Touch: Feel free to share a bit about your life and lifestyle, any challenges you face with your health and fitness, and why you believe now is the right time for a change. 

Uploading Your Video:

At the end of the application form, you'll find you need to upload a video file link. Upload your video to and copy and paste the link into your application.

I’m so excited to see your video and hopefully meet you soon! 

applications closed

All your questions answered

What sort of transformation is this?

A whole lifestyle transformation that will be filmed and uploaded on YouTube. You’ll be guided throughout the process by Anna and Anna’s go-to health professionals, who will encourage you to set up healthy routines and embark on both a physical and mental transformation.

What can I expect to achieve after 90 days?

A more balanced and happier YOU! Feel more confident in your body and have complete control over your daily healthy habits. Your LIFESTYLE will transform!

Please keep in mind your weight, body fat % and the size of your clothes are not going to determine a successful transformation. This project is more than that. Yes, we want you to look your best, but also feel even better!

Do I need to be experienced on social media?

You don’t need to be an expert, but be willing and open to sharing your journey online both on your own personal social media channels and Anna’s accounts. 

How long is the transformation process?

90 days.

Are there any costs involved, do I need to pay for anything?

No, you will be gifted the experience but please note you will be responsible for all of your nutritional intake e.g. food, drinks, supplements.

How will my progress be tracked and measured?

You will be required to journal your progress and take regular progress photos & videos.

Do I have to share photos and videos of myself throughout the transformation journey?

Yes! This is non-negotiable, you must feel comfortable with sharing your journey through video and photos.

How will the candidate be selected?

The candidate will be carefully selected on suitability, e.g. must be based in Europe, fluent in English, show their compatibility and determination for a real authentic transformation and be available to commit to the full 90 days.

Do I need any specific fitness equipment?

You will need fitness equipment to complete Anna’s home workouts which will require a fitness mat, dumbbells and a mini band.

What if I have specific dietary needs, can I still apply?

Yes, of course, the transformation project will be adapted to suit all types of dietary requirements.

Can I still work/attend school/university throughout the Grow Lifestyle transformation?

Yes, you can continue to live your life as it is!

What sort of support will I receive?

You’ll receive constant guidance and support from both Anna and her go-to health professionals. You’ll be encouraged to ask questions and open up about your feelings concerning health and fitness. But please check with your doctor first if you have any concerns or health issues.

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